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DanceHUD Manual

This HUD groups dances into playlists. You can select one playlist and will only dance the dances of the selected list.

Wear the HUD and it will attach to the upper right corner of your screen.

Click on the green arrow and you will start to dance. The button changes to a red square and clicking it again you will stop to dance.

Buttons of the DanceHUD:

1) Invite Others to dance

In the upper row you see the two buttons to invite and kick others from dancing with your HUD.

Invite to dance Invite: The first button will provide a list of all avatars in the same parcel as you and you may select the person that should be invited. The person will get a dialog asking him if he wants to be animated,
Kick from dance Kick: The second button shows a list of all persons that are currently dancing with your HUD. If you select a person, than that person will stop to dance. The special button "ALL" will stop the dancing of all people. The buttons „<<“ and „>>“ are meant to page through multiple pages of peoples.

2)Select a Playlist

With the large right button you get a list of the playlists and can select one playlist as the current playlist.

The buttons „<<“ and „>>“ are meant to page through multiple pages of playlists.

Dialog Gruppen

3)Dance Modes

Dancing can be in one of three modes. You switch between these three modes using the three buttons in the lower row.

Sequential: all dances of a playlist are played one after the other in the sequence given in the dance notecard
Random: all dances of a playlist are played in random order.
Selected: you get a list of dances and can select one of them to play it. Subsequent clicks on this button gives again this list.

4) Minimize

With the small minus-Button at the uper right corner you can shrink the HUD to a single button. Clicking on the icon button you can enlarge the HUD again.


  With the small question mark button at the lower right corner you will get this help text.

6)Dance Configuration and the Notecard ~ConfigDance

To add a dance you have to copy it into the dance HUD.

The you have to add it to a playlist. Open the Notecard ~ConfigDance. You see lines consisting of:

Playlist playlistname,dance1name,dance2name,dance3name

You can add your dance to one of the playlists or define a new own playlist.

Please remember that one line in a notecard can be 255 characters in length. If you need mire dances in one playlist then fit on one line, then place a dash at the end of the line and continue the list on the next line.

You will see lines with this contents:

There are three other lines in this notecard:

  • AvatarTimeout - sets the duration in minutes that is waited after an avatar vanishes (i.e. he has left the sim or he has crashed. If he returns during this time, then he automatically starts to dance again.
  • Change Time - sets the time span in seconds between automatic changes of the dances in the modes sequential and random.
  • Channel - This is the channel used for input of commands (see next chapter). Zero means that no chat commands are possible. The default chat channel is 99.


The default chat channel is 99. It can be changed by the parameter "channel" in the notecard ~ConfigDance or by the channel command.

You enter commands in open chat by prepending /99 to the command word. E.g.: /99 stop

Possible commands are: (things in square brackets are optional)

  • /99 join - join the dances
  • /99 stop - stop to dance

The following commands are only possible for the owner of the HUD:

  • /99 channel channelNumber - change channel to the given channel number
  • /99 invite [userNamePart] - Invite a user for dancing. If the name is omitted, then a list of all avatars on the parcel is shown for selection.
  • /99 kick [userNamePart] - Kick a user from dancing. If the name is omitted then a list of all dancing avatars is shown for selection.
  • /99 sequence [playlistNamePart] - Change the Mode to sequential dancing.If name is not given, then only the mode is changed.
  • /99 random [playlistNamePart] - Change the Mode to random dancing.If name is not given, then only the mode is changed.
  • /99 single [danceNamePart] - Change the mode to single. If name is not given, then a list of dances of the current playlist is shown.
  • /99 help - give this help file
  • /99 playlist [playlistNamePart] - Change playlist to the given list.

8 Frequently asked Questions

  • I want to animate more dancers. How do I add more places?
    The maximum number of dancers is given by the number of scripts starting with ~SinSDance. Copy the script ~SinSDance into your inventory. Then copy it back to the HUD. A new copy of this script with a new number at the end will be created in the HUD.


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