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1.1 Commands

The commands are described in this document with their command names and parameters. Character case is not of relevance in case of command names and fixed key words. Parameters are written with parameter identifiers in pointed brackets < > and have to be replaced by actual values.Optional parts that can be left out are enclosed into sqare brackets [ ] .

/<channel> <element>.<function> <param1>, <param2>, ...

The standard channel is 1111

The element (base, spotlight, fog machine, curtain, ...) is the object name of an object up to the first blank. Element names may be written as partial names with the first letters of the name followed by an asterisk "*".

The function is defined by the element and every kind of element may have different functions.

The parameters are separated from the command name by an empty space and are separated from each other by comma. They are defined differently for each type of element.

Example of commands:

described as:

setColor <startColor> [,<endColor]

maybe replaced by:

/1111Speaker1.setcolor red

or by:

/1111 curtain.SETCOLOR yellow,Green


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