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2 Base

The Base is the central control of the Perform system. It is also a reference for positions of all other elements. It must be used to rez packages of objects. The name of the base is always "BASE". You should build bases not more near than 100 meters to each other with the same channel number. If you need it nearer then change the channel in the description to something other than 1111 before rezing.

In the Menu there are three special menu items:

  • CLEAR - removes all rezed objects
  • REGISTER - register all objects to build a package
  • *UNREZ* - unrez one of the rezed packages

Base commands:

  • access <all,group/owner> - set access rights, default is owner
  • debug <on/off> - set debug mode on or off
  • menu - show the menu of packages
  • rez <packageName> - rez the given package name
  • unrez <packagename>
  • register - register the positions of all objects for package building
  • clear - remove all rezed objects
  • setChannel <channel> - set the channel to the given one for all objects



Stay tuned for our new Perform system, that will bring all elements to you that you will need to impress others on your parties.

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