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4.2 Fountain

The operation of a fountain is to spray particles that are influenced by gravity..

Fountain commands:

  • age - age of a particle (minimal 1 to 60, default 5)
  • angle - burst angle of particles (0 to 90 degrees (default 10 degree)
  • color <colorValue> - color of steam (start-color and end-color are the same) The color-value can be a named color of red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, black, white, gray, pink, violet or orange. color-value may be alternatively a vector <red,green,blue> with values from 0 to 255.
  • endColor <colorValue> - end color of steam. (default white)
  • see the description of color for the color value
  • startColor <colorValue> - start color of steam. (default white). See the description of color for the color value
  • endSize <size> - end size of particle (default 1.0)
  • startSize <size> - start size of particle (default 0.4)
  • endAlpha <alpha> - ranges from 0.0=invisible to 1.0 solid (default 0.6)
  • startAlpha <alpha> - ranges from 0.0=invisible tpo 1.0 solid (default 0.5)
  • density <densityValue> - Value between 1 and 10 for density of the fountain. (default 5)
  • size - size of particles. values between 0.5 and 4 make sense (default 1)
  • speed <speedValue> - emission speed of fog in meters (default 4)
  • texture <textureValue>- texture of fog as a UUID or as name of a contained particle


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