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5.1 Spotlight

The operation of a spotlight is to show a light cone. The spotlight can be tilt and the direction changed. The light can have a color, be animated and may blink and circle. The spotlight consists of four parts: The holder, the case, the light cone and the light plane.

Example (texts after // are just comments). The channel is assumed to be the default of 1111. The name of our spotlight is assumed as SL1.

// set all parameters

//1111 SL1.tilt 20 // tilt the light by 20 degrees

/1111 SL1.color red // set the light color to red

/1111 SL1.width 2 // set the size to 2 meters

/1111 0.2 // set circling at 0.2 revolutions per second

/1111 SL1.start // start the light

// after some time if you want to switch the light of for a short time


// when you want to switch it back on

/1111 sl1.on

// leave all other parameter as they are and just switch it to green

/1111sl1.color green

/1111sl1.start // you have to start after each parameter change if you do not issue command instant before

You can also change the position, direction, tilt, width and length of the cone bei editing it manually. Do not forget to only edit the cone by checking "edit parts" in the build menu and then editing it. When you are ready then give the command learn.

Spotlight commands:

(replace parameternames in <> by actual values)

  • access <accessRestriction> - set the access. <accessRestriction> may be owner, group or all.
  • blink <darkTime>, <lightTIme>- blink between dark and light. Times are multiples of 0.1 seconds.
  • channel <channelNumber> - change the number of the command listen. Channel 0 means no listen.
  • coneGlow - set the glow of the light, a parameter between 0.0 and 1.0
  • coneTransparency - transparency of Cone from 0 to 100 (like in the build dialog)
  • coneTexture <textureValue>,<animSpeed> - sets the cone to the given texture and animates it.
  • debug <debugState> - debugState can be on or off
  • duration - duration of operation with automatic stop
  • circle <speed> - let the cone circle. speed is in revolutions per second. 0 is no circling
  • color <colorValue> - color of light. The color value can be a named color of red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, black, white, gray, pink, violet or orange. The color value may be alternatively as a vector <red,green,blue> with values for red green and blue between 0 an 255 like in the build menu.
  • direction - rotate around z axis of the case relative to stage
  • front <onoff>- set the front to on or off. Maybe good for Spotlights directed to the performers
  • instant <onoff> - Set instant to on or to off. Normally instant mode is off and changes are shown when start ist issued
  • learn - set the position and rotation of the object, the length, size and rotation of the light cone. then give the command learn and the object will save these values. In debug mode
  • height - sets the height of the light cone
  • on - switch light on without setting parameters or prims (only works after a start has been issued)
  • off - switch light off without changing parameters or prims (only works after a start has been issued)
  • plane <onoff> - set the plane to on (visible) or off invisible)
  • planeGlow - set the glow of the light, a parameter between 0.0 and 1.0
  • planeTexturePlane <textureValue>,<animation>, <speed> - sets the plate to the given texture. Animation may be none, rotate, shift,
  • planeTransparency - transparency of plane from 0 to 100 (like in the build dialog)
  • position <position> - change position relative to stage. Position is a vector <x,y,z>
  • realLight <intensity>,<radius>, falloff- set the parameters of the real light. set intensity to zero for no light
  • reset - reset this object to initial state
  • rotate <rotation> - change rotation around z axis relative to stage. rotation is a vector <x,y,z> with rotation values in degree between -360 and 360 for the three axes
  • start - start operation
  • stop - stop operation
  • tilt - rotate around x axis of the case in degree between -360 and 360
  • width - sets the width of the light cone


Stay tuned for our new Perform system, that will bring all elements to you that you will need to impress others on your parties.

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