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6 Script Console

The operation of the scripter is to execute a script. A script is a sequence of commands stored in a notecard. Each command is on an own line. The commands have the form:

<objectName>.command <parameters>

Inside a script special control commands are available that do not need an object name:

  • wait <duration> - wait for the given number of seconds before resuming.
  • [TODO] call <scriptName> - execute another script and return here when it is finished.
  • [TODO] linkMessage <num,<text>,<key> - send an internal link message
  • [TODO] loop <number> - execute the following commands until a line with loopEnd the given number of times.
  • [TODO] loopend


loop 3


wait 5

wait 5


[TODO] command <channel>, <command>, <parameters> - shout a command on the given channel

say <text> - say a text in a range of 20 meters

shout <text> - say a text in the range of 100 meters

whisper <text> - say a text in a range of 10 meters

Script commands:

  • menu - shows the menu of available scripts.
  • start <scriptName> - if script name is omitted, then the script "! reset" is executed. By default this only sends a reset to all objects.
  • stop - stop the currently running script.


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