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Welcome to SinSations!

SinSations is a business simulation in the VR-system SecondLife. We provide products in SecondLife, that impress all your senses! See all our Products at SinSations Shop at Marketplace or visit us at SinSations Main Shop.


Nov. 17th 2018 The concept and script for particles has been changed. Settings are read from a notecard and you can change all parameters of particles by set- commands.
Nov 16th 2018 Changes to the commands of curtains. You now do not change the direction. but use the corresponding command to set the direction.
Nov 15th 2018 The German version of the website now ha been completely translated and partly rearranged.
Oct 11th 2018 Creation of the new website designed with CMSimple.


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Stay tuned for our new Perform system, that will bring all elements to you that you will need to impress others on your parties.

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